"…mais ce serait peut-être l'une des plus grandes opportunités manquées de notre époque si le logiciel libre ne libérait rien d'autre que du code…"

Web Python Framework : le retour de Bobo, le framework de Jim Fulton

Posted by patrick sur juin 21, 2009


http://bobo.digicool.com/ (‘Bobo is a light-weight framework for creating WSGI web applications. It’s goal is to be easy to learn and remember.It provides 2 features:

  • Mapping URLs to objects
  • Calling objects to generate HTTP responses

It doesn’t have a templateing language, a database integration layer, or a number of other features that can be provided by WSGI middle-ware or application-specific libraries.Bobo builds on other frameworks, most notably WSGI and WebOb.‘)

http://mail.python.org/pipermail/web-sig/2009-June/003831.html (from Philip J.Eby: « …anybody who knows Python web development should know that Bobo was actually the first Python web framework ever developed, 12 years ago, and that it invented quite a lot of the things found in Python web frameworks today, not to mention being the forerunner of all things Zope.
It’s rather nice to see it back, reincarnated on today’s egg/WSGI infrastructure.  The original Bobo was what convinced me to become a Python programmer 12 years ago. (…after I realized that a Bobo-equivalent framework could not be implemented in Perl without far greater wizardry than I was capable of managing, while in Python it was nearly trivial to do so.  I left Perl and never looked back.
« )

A voir

  • http://pypi.python.org/pypi/bobo
  • http://pypi.python.org/pypi/WebOb/ (‘WSGI request and response object WebOb provides wrappers around the WSGI request environment, and an object to help create WSGI responses. The objects map much of the specified behavior of HTTP, including header parsing and accessors for other standard parts of the environment…The primary object in WebOb is webob.Request, a wrapper around a WSGI environment.’)
  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wsgi (…The Web Server Gateway Interface defines a simple and universal interface between web servers and web applications or frameworks for the Python programming language. The latest version 3.0 of Python, released in December 2008, is already supported by mod_wsgi (a module for the Apache Web server…Historically Python web application frameworks have been a problem for new Python users because, generally speaking, the choice of web framework would limit the choice of usable web servers, and vice versa. Python applications were often designed for either CGI, FastCGI, mod_python or even custom API interfaces of specific web-servers. WSGI[1] (sometimes pronounced ‘whiskey’ or ‘wiz-gee’) was created as a low-level interface between web servers and web applications or frameworks to promote common ground for portable web application development. WSGI is based on the existing CGI standard…)

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