"…mais ce serait peut-être l'une des plus grandes opportunités manquées de notre époque si le logiciel libre ne libérait rien d'autre que du code…"

Un nouveau framework web python basé sur Zope3: Hivurt

Posted by patrick sur novembre 26, 2007

Source: http://groups.google.com/group/comp.lang.python.announce/browse_thread/thread/d15eb12ba492c378?hl=en

TOPIC: Hivurt new open source CMS 0.1.3pre-alfa released

== 1 of 1 ==
Date: Fri, Nov 23 2007 5:25 am
From: Mikhail Kashkin

Hi everybody,

Key Solutions (http://keysolutions.ru/) and Hivurt team (http://hivurt.org/) proud to announce first public release of our Zope3-based content management system.

Hivurt giving you strength of Zope 3 in easy to use environment.

This is release aimed for developers and everybody who love new cool
products, we want take first feedback from community and looking for
new members.

What you get:

– Component architect
– Easy switch between ZODB and Postgres data storage
– Search and indexes
– Easy editor UI (sorry we cut off some functionality, so there is still some dead links)
– Easy frontend skin
– L10n and i18n support, as in Zope 3

What’s inside:
– Pluggable Content Types and content types registry
– Base conent types:
– Folder
– TextDocument
– News Item
– NewsFolder
– Event
– Event Folder
– Site Folder
– Form keeper, for quick and easy Feedback forms and quizes
– Interface switcher, to easy switch interfaces provided by objects (we use it for quick skin switching)
– Revolutionary SQLTools giving you freedom choose between ZODB and RDBMS, so you can easy integrate Hivurt in your company with existent infrastructure. Easy way to interact with existence data stored inside RDBMS as Zope objects (it is not only RDB Mapper)
– Quick search and index
– and many other features
– Hivurt is fast, quick growing and supported.

Requirements (You need to have before installing Hivurt)

* Zope 3.3.x (3.4.x untested)
* PostgreSQL 8.2
* Python 2.4.4 with psycopg2 and json libs
* Tested on Mac OS X and Linux (Ubunty and ALTLiniux)

Hivurt released under **ZPL**.

You can download it:

– Release 0.1.3 http://hivurt.org/downloads/ks.hivurtcms-0.1.3.tar.gz

Include 10 minutes Install tutorial and demo site inside.


– Project home-page – http://hivurt.org/
– Blog – http://hivurt.wordpress.com/ (ok! we switch to something soon)
– Bugs and translations – https://launchpad.net/hivurt/

P.S. Wow! We made it.
P.P.S. We are looking for new clients feel free to contacts us.

Mikhail Kashkin, skype:mkashkin, jabber:mkashkin@gmail.com
Key Solutions (http://keysolutions.ru/)
Offshore Zope3 development



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