"…mais ce serait peut-être l'une des plus grandes opportunités manquées de notre époque si le logiciel libre ne libérait rien d'autre que du code…"

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Posted by patrick sur juin 4, 2007

The Mailman source code was originally maintained using CVS, and only a few people had write access to the code. Later, development was moved to SourceForge and then the CVS repository was converted to Subversion. This proved to be a successful transition, as Subversion provides many benefits over CVS.

Now however, it’s become clear that even Subversion has its limitations, and better options exist. Specifically, we want to use a distributed (or decentralized) revision control system. A dvcs has many beneficial features, both for the core developers and for casual, third party developers. These include:

  • No write access to the central repository is necessary in order to develop, maintain, version control, and publish unofficial contributions.
  • No connection to a repository server is necessary in order to commit changes.
  • Much better branching and merging operations; no need to commit partially completed work.
  • Much better merge tracking.
  • Ability to sign revisions with GPG.
  • Written in Python, with an easy plug-in architecture.
  • Simple and intuitive commands.

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